What I have learned in last two years after my stroke experience

What I have learned in last two years after my stroke experience

It had been two years when I got a stroke. So maybe a good time to sum up what I have learned? I remember very well that time after, when I woke up in the hospital, I couldn’t move with half of my body, couldn’t stand up, didn’t know what happened and saw that fear in eyes of my family members. I remember only that I was supposed to go home before…

Within last two years, my life has changed completely: I got married, I got first born daughter Emma, and my priorities have changed totally.

I needed to learn again primarily:

  1. How to walk and move
  2. How to use my right hand side of body (My motoric is still driving me crazy though)
  3. How to articulate so people understand what I say

I am learning how to walk again in the hospital


Firstly, in short, what happened?

It was a great time with my family in our countryside house in Hrazany. 8th of November, Saturday, beautiful sunny day. It couldn’t be better! After my family left, me and my wife, we started preparing our self to bed. But in one moment I suddenly fell down outside of the house and I felt something is terribly wrong. I don’t know how but I felt it. I was just lying on the ground, watching stars in the dark and silence, thinking how to get attention of my wife inside to get some help. I couldn’t move.

I clambered into the house after some time, asked my wife to call ambulance and was waiting for them. I remember a strong wish to sleep but again something inside me told me it is not a good idea.

Ambulance took me to the hospital in Pribram and I stayed there. After few days they transported me to the bigger hospital in Prague because of possible complications. All went well there and after approx. one week they told me I will go home after the weekend. I got a French fella to my room, our nurse didn’t speak English so I was translating their conversation. All went well…

After this, I woke up two weeks later, different place, different clothes, and no hair, no movement in my right part of body, totally confused by the hallucinations from drugs they gave me. I didn’t know what happened at all and where I am. Later, my family told me, I got some complications that night so I went to a brain surgery, they removed damaged part of my brain, I went thru ARO and now I am on JIP (Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care).

I was totally confused that time but after some time I am back in (almost) normal. : )


So what is important as per my new opinion – my new priorities list?

Health – Essence of everything. Be grateful you can move and think. Take care of your body from both mental (meditate and sleep well) and physical (exercising and good food) standpoint. You cannot buy a new body when you destroy the current one.

Me – Me/you are at the first place. I like the parable with the situation when aircraft is falling. You must get an air mask first before you can help others.

Family – Although you don’t choose them, these folks are the most important in your life. Take care of them and of relationships with them.

Friends (Relationship) – Similar as with your family. There is just one difference – you choose them! J So choose carefully and take care of them and of relationships with them. Every small thing counts

Work but… – Work is one of the most important part of our life. We spent there significant amount of time. This should be a happy time, shouldn’t be? Just don’t forget that work should not be more important than your health and it is your choice at the end of the day. Unsatisfied? Then why staying there?


So what I have learned?

I have learned that from one state you are in, everything you have and want, everything can change incredible fast. It was a Saturday in November, beautiful day with my family, I was just after great party on Friday, booked a trip to Berlin and Xmas trip to London, preparing for important project starting next week. All went away in the moment I fell down and got hospitalized. No one told me this will happen, I was not prepared. One moment I am thinking of how will be Berlin in two weeks, preparing myself to bed, few seconds later I am lying on the floor in the dark outside of the house, looking at the sky full of stars and I am scared something is heavily wrong and I am afraid of death.

But to don’t be only negative: This stroke is the best thing ever happened to me in my life. Really! I find it as a best experience and a hard stop to think about your life in general and whether the life you live is the one you want to live. My old life was more a rat race, very hectic and full of stress. I am trying to live now more relaxed, enjoy every moment, every discussion with people and stayed focused on what is important for me.

This experience is not transferable but please keep in mind this story when you feel tired. Any health issue is the last stop, last option your body have to tell you something is wrong. You can think of your life or change it even without it! I am not saying it is easy though…

Thanks for reading. I am happy to get any feedback or comments from you. Best way is to send me an email to lukas.barda@gmail.com