Little digital helpers

Last time, I blogged about the basic tools I use. The article is here:

Today I want to introduce other small helpers that take my efficiency in online to a new level.


  • Using smart watch for clock, sms / phone notification and alarm clock
  • Send later function in Gmail for attention protection
  • Boomerang extension in Gmail for attention protection (https://www.boomeranggmail.com/)
  • Shortcuts and automation as much as possible (for me it’s OOO in Gmail), IFFT, and Apple shortcuts
  • Access everything on my mobile via iPhone Search option
  • Dictation in PC (https://www.speechtexter.com/)
  • Dictation on a mobile phone under the microphone icon on the keyboard



  • Mouse Cursor Pointer in Windows (Settings -> Mouse-> Pointer Options -> Additional Mouse Options)
  • IPhone text replacement (General -> Keyboard -> Text replacement)
  • Elimination of blue light + applications in a dark mode (Flux or native Windows night screen function on desktop, Nightshift on iOS, Twighlight in Android
  • Google forms and Microsoft Forms