Temu and Shein: What are the risks of a low price?

Low price, free shipping, unbeatable discounts, spin the carousel to get even more discount, limited time offer and only a few left. You can get all this in one place on the digital marketplaces of stores Temu or Shein.

Gamified e-shops are a new phenomenon that combines elements of the game and the shopping process. Although they may be tempting at first glance, there are also risks that we should be aware of. For example, the Czech Trade Inspection (ČOI) maintains list risky e-shops that can pose problems for consumers.

The Chinese platform Temu was created in 2022 and literally flooded the Internet. You can shop via the internet browser on your computer or download the application to your mobile just like others 100 million people in the world. It already has Temu in Europe 75 million active users.

Low prices and massive marketing through the Google network stirred up consumers who buy in bulk from this e-shop. Whatever you're looking for, Google will offer you the cheapest option, and it's from Temu. After all, buying children a trinket for a few crowns, a mickey for a kilo or a mobile phone case for a penny can't hurt anyone.

Cheap goods, but at what cost?

The risks are alarming and currently are is checking and the National Office for Cyber and Information Security (NÚKIB). Below is some information that is good to know:

  • Sensitive personal data: A Chinese e-shop is suspected of collecting sensitive personal data and may pose a security risk. TikTok has been similarly scrutinized in the past.
  • Malware on your phone: Downloading the Temu app is not recommended as the app can run in the background of your device, harming you and misusing your data.
  • Cheap labor: Shein was for example accused from the use of slave labor in concentration camps with Uighurs.
  • Carbon Footprint: Consider the impact your shopping has on the environment. Them transportation by air 4000 tons of goods per day and Shein 5000 tons. Air travel is overcrowded and it will also affect the price of tickets.
  • Product quality: Some users noted the poor quality of the goods. The goods do not meet the standards set by the European market.
  • Parasitism on Czech brands: Temu uses Czech e-shops for your own commerce. They use the same names or create copies of Czech goods.

Caution is in order

On Temu and Shein the EU is preparing stricter rules in the future. NÚKIB will complete its analysis and make some recommendations. What we can do today is to examine thoroughly each e-shop before purchasing and follow the latest information from the Czech Trade Inspection. Try it look for reviews and experiences from other customers. And don't forget to use strong passwords and do not store your payment card information for future purchases.

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