my name is Lukáš Barda

After serious health complications from overworking, I went through a digital detox and today I help people live with technology and find digital balance. I would love to see you at my training or webinar.

My story

Technology is ubiquitous in today's world. Nevertheless, we often do not know how to use them properly. Instead of helping us, they are slowly killing us. They almost killed me too. 

At the age of 29 I had a stroke from overwork and it forced me to rearrange my life's priorities. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon, and I just missed the start. I was lucky and broke everything. But that experience helped me reassess my world view, I went through a digital detox and found the lost balance between the IT and non-IT worlds. Technology is not only evil. On the contrary: they can significantly improve our lives and increase efficiency. When we know how to use them well.

I have been collecting work experience since 2006. I have experience at Citibank, a drill at Accenture and an agile transformation at Česká spořitelna. He went through the professions of project manager, agile coach or IT architect. Now I divide my capacity between training, consulting and managing projects and people in the IT environment.

I run courses for companies, schools and individuals on IT literacy, in which I help people understand the world of technology. I teach them how to get the most out of technology, what to watch out for, how to be productive, but at the same time not to get absorbed and be able to disconnect when it's too much. 

The second area is training on how to effectively collaborate and communicate with colleagues online and offline, how to successfully manage projects and how to lead people in the office and remotely.

Visitors to my trainings get an overview, specific tips, tricks and examples from practice. They learn how the online world works, what to watch out for, and how to find a way to a healthy digital balance where you feel content and have enough time for what's really important to you. Raising children in today's online age is also a common topic. I show parents what the children's world looks like and how to approach education. In turn, I explain to the children how the online space works and what to watch out for in it. 

And thanks to my stroke experience, I spread awareness about it through the foundation fund Time is brain.

They write about me

Fuck Up Night

I was doing well in 2014 until the fuckup came in the form of a stroke. Overnight, I changed my suit to a hospital angel. I'm already laughing about it today, and here we were laughing together in Lucerne at the FuckUp Night event.


You can learn more about my life experiences and work in the FuckUp Podcast, where I appeared.

They say about me

Lucie Režná Pilsner Urquell
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As a lecturer, Lukáš is based on personal experiences, which allows him to draw in and involve the audience, but at the same time convey a lot of important and practical information. I took away a lot of inspiration and positive energy from the webinar.
Tomáš JeníkAccenture
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Digital well-being - Super workshop based on the theory of how social networks work and practical examples with lots of tips on how to get the time spent online under control.
Libor FloorCzech Savings Bank
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The training will open your eyes and you will realize what is really important to you and how today's online age tries to convince you otherwise. I recommend!
Jitka KubíčkováUniCredit Bank
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One of the best trainings I have attended in the past few years. Operationally adapted to the needs and interests of the group. It had momentum, it had juice, and I took away a lot of information and useful links. Thank you!
Hana KurcováČEZ as
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The course with Lukáš is unconventional in the positive sense of the word! Practical, stimulating, fun and at the same time absolutely human.
Pavlína PérkováLego
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I would like to thank you for the wonderful Digital Detox workshop with Lukáš Barda. The workshop was not only very interesting, practical and beneficial, but also impressed me with Lukáš's strong personal story, which enhanced his later "training" all the more and emphasized the importance of everything he tried to convey to us.
Martina StránskáReckitt
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Recently, we had two training sessions with Lukáš; both were great and prepared with enthusiasm and passion for the given topic. We really appreciate the time that Lukáš devoted to us!