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Experience with Apple Vision Pro

So I had the Apple Vision Pro on my head. In one sentence: They are really immersive. And a lot of it. It's so good it's not pretty from a digi balance point of view!

TikTok as a security threat?

The National Cyber and Information Security Agency recommends against using TikTok on work and private devices used for work purposes.

15th State of Agile Report

Do you know the State of agile report? This is an agility adoption survey. It contains information about what the company is implementing from agility, why it is being implemented, what good it brings but also where it gets stuck.

How not to lose your sanity?

How not to lose your mind in the current situation?
1. Information in reasonable measure
2. Stay calm
3. Don't be paralyzed by fear
4. Remember to keep living your life
5. Be prepared

Trends in IT training topics

It is very interesting how quickly the demand for technology training topics changes over time. While in 2021, things were dealt with mainly around the use of MS

What is reality and what is virtual?

What is reality and what is virtual? Soon it will be very hard to tell. You are looking forward? Aren't you happy? Just be ready! It will happen anyway.

Study: What Android whispers about you

As a follow-up to the recent article "Still online, still chatting", I came across a rather interesting study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. It deals with data that