So that digital technologies don't go over your head

I know from my own experience how significant an impact digital technologies can have on our health. That's why I help eliminate the effects of the online world on our lives and health. Have you heard of digital wellbeing?

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Technology in a human way and with humor

There is no shortage of perspective and humor in my courses. My love for IT is balanced by digi-detox and communication skills. Thanks to this, I can bring the world of technology closer to the likes and connect IT with non-IT.

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Form and benefits

All my events are interactive and full of practical examples. Don't expect a frontal presentation, but rather an interactive workshop. The participants take away motivation and inspiration to change something, how not to go crazy online and specific tips and tricks on how to do it.

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Online and offline

Training and consultations take place in companies, schools and individually. Face-to-face and online. In Czech and English.

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Participants say
Lucie Harvancová
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Lukáš has had an interesting life experience that affected the most valuable thing we have, namely health. Therefore, I greatly appreciate his ability to deal with it and what's more, to share it and share it further - very personally, naturally, without forcing or persuasion. THANK YOU, Lukáš
Hana Kochánková
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Great lecturer! Brief, clear, understandable! Lukáš is a nice guy who knows how to use common sense and applies it in practice - that's why I always enjoy his stuff and because of that I'm not afraid to use it in practice.
Jan Jarčík
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The course was so inspiring that it gave me goosebumps at times. If I could take away and take at least half of the things as my own, I would be the happiest.
Tomas Zobac
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I really appreciate his openness. The course took place in a great friendly atmosphere and very quickly the lecture became more of a discussion or a place to share your views and experiences.
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Keeping people's attention for three hours is a chore, but Lukáš managed it well. A strong personal story and an effort to have your life in your own hands. I'll probably take a look at other courses as well.
Daniela Majtnerová
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The course gave me a lot of tips for improving the quality of my life in the sense of being more offline and thus having a feeling of satisfaction and being present at what is important at the moment 🙂 Thank you!
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My journey beyond the digital balance and to the border of the IT and non-IT world

I am a digital skills expert and tutor. I specialize in project management, work efficiency, team collaboration and healthy use of technology. I have gathered and continue to gather work experience over the years, for example at the consulting firm Accenture, at Česká spořitelna or as a freelancer. 

I still manage projects part-time, the rest of the time I actively train and consult. Thousands of people have gone through my courses in companies, schools or for the public.

Technology is ubiquitous in today's world. Nevertheless, we often do not know how to use them properly. I myself help to create the world of technology and I have experienced a lot in IT. I have been managing projects using waterfall since 2010, I started practicing agile management a few years later. I started as an IT junior, later delivered solutions as a project manager and as an agile coach / scrum master. I designed solutions as an IT architect in the implementation phase and in the sales phase, and I have extensive experience in connecting the business and IT worlds.

At the age of 29, I had serious health complications from a high workload, and this forced me to rearrange my priorities in life. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon, and I just missed the start. I was lucky and broke everything. But that experience helped me reassess my world view, I went through a digital detox and found the lost balance between the IT and non-IT worlds. Technology is not evil. On the contrary: they can significantly improve our lives and increase efficiency. When we know how to use them well. I would be very happy to meet you at my training or seminar, either online or offline.

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