Digi wellbeing

Take control of digital technologies and don't let them control you. Choose from digital wellbeing courses and learn to live in harmony with technology.

Technologies have enormous power over our lives - they can either help us a lot or harm us extremely. I will teach you how to use them effectively and find a balance between the online and offline worlds. 

The last time I raced and wanted to get everything done, it didn't go well. At the age of 29, I ended up in Motola with serious health problems. Among other things, this course is about what I learned on my way back to normal people and how to avoid such a situation. It's not just about turning off notifications or getting rid of your phone. The course is about the art of using mobile phones and technology effectively, but not letting them get over your head. We should control them, not them us.

You will find out how to set boundaries between work and privacy. You'll see routines and tools and get tips and tricks to keep your digital balance. For me, it's an overlap that makes us stop together for a moment and think about our own story. I want to inspire you to make changes that will improve and simplify your life.

Benefit for the participant:

  • You will learn the principles of digital balance in practice
  • You will learn the art of disconnecting, you will get to know soft and hard digidetox
  • You will understand the impact of the online world on our real lives
  • You will be inspired and motivated to find a balance between online and offline
  • You'll understand how online works and why it's hard to break away from it
  • Learn what to watch out for in the digital world
  • You'll get tips and tricks on how to find and maintain a balance between online and offline
  • You'll see the apps and routines I use myself in action

The topic of raising children resonates a lot in today's online age. Digital tools and technology have become a part of our lives and children's world is not avoided. Children often understand computers and the Internet better than us parents. As adults, we naturally fear what we don't know and distance ourselves from each other as a result. Understand your children's online world and be their reliable guide. In this course, I will introduce you to the digital world of children and the reasons for its appeal. I will explain the risks and show you how to approach education in the online age. You can then keep up with your children.

Benefit for the participant:

  • How to educate in the online age and how to keep up with children
  • Understanding how children's digital world works and the social networks they use
  • Understanding the principles of the online world and the emergence of digital addiction
  • Concrete and practical examples of what to watch out for


Let your kids out into the online world without worrying about their safety. The Internet is a great tool for learning and entertainment, but it has its dark corners. In this course, children will learn about the risks of anonymity and a digital footprint. In an engaging and interactive way, children will see the principles of the online environment and the pitfalls that are hidden in it. I will tell them what principles are good to follow and how to notice suspicious phenomena. We will also discuss the threat of digital addiction. They will be safe on the Internet.

The lecture is primarily intended for primary and secondary schools. I can also adapt it for college students or other audiences.

I will put together a tailor-made course for you and teach you how to use the technologies you need at work or in your personal life. In practice, I will show you how the tools work and teach you how to get the most out of them. You will get practical tips and tricks that will make your work easier.

Get to know, for example, communication platforms, online collaboration tools and learn to use their basic and advanced functions. I will guide you through planning and organizing meetings and interactive tools. I will also give you tried and tested tips and tricks for an even more efficient and pleasant meeting. The need to work remotely will not be a limitation for you.

Alternatively, choose a topic in the area of digital balance and a healthy relationship with technology. We can talk, for example, about netiquette (rules of decent behavior online), what it is and how to recognize fake news and deepfake or how to fight against information overload.

Examples of tailored training topics:

  • Communication skills
  • Communication skills for kids
  • Cross-Company Collaboration - How to collaborate across teams
  • Effective communication online and offline
  • Netiquette - Basics of good behavior online
  • Effective use of MS Teams