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Microsoft Viva: Loved or hated?

Microsoft Viva tool. Do you have Office 365? I guess so. So you have her there too. Viva follows you at your every digital step, analyzes and gives

Study: What Android whispers about you

As a follow-up to the recent article "Still online, still chatting", I came across a rather interesting study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. It deals with data that

Still online, still chatting

For some time now, Lukáš and I have been talking about security, internet advertising, user behavior analysis, etc. And we thought it would be worth

How safe are you online? Test yourself.

How much do you understand about online security? Test yourself 🙂 https://kybertest.cz/It's not a scam, but an official project of ESET, the Czech Banking Association and the Police of the Czech Republic. Interactive and

The Web and Anonymity

One sometimes wonders how it is possible that, with advertising on various websites, he is shown exactly what he was looking for a moment ago. Do you mind this kind of rubbing into what you do? Today we will talk about how to defend yourself.