Microsoft Viva: Loved or hated?

Microsoft Viva tool. Do you have Office 365? I guess so. So you have her there too.

Viva follows you on your every digital step, analyzes and gives recommendations for digi well-being.

I experienced very different reactions to her:

  • From: It's great and I can't imagine my work routine without it.
  • Via: What is it actually good for?
  • Up to: Tve really is Microsoft spying on me like this? Where can it be turned off? Now.

If you love data and analytics, you'll love it. If you are more concerned with data privacy, this will probably scare or annoy you. And there are plenty of options between these two extremes too! 😊 And he can do more than that, but maybe we'll talk about that some other time.

Anyway, you can find it here:


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