Five tools to defend against cyber threats

Cyber security? The topic is now sizzling!

Five of my favorite tools to stay safe here. They are simple, user-friendly and turn you from an easy victim into someone who can fight back.

  1. https://haveibeenpwned.com/
    Does anyone have your login details? Find out easily here!
  2. https://www.passwordmonster.com/
    How long does it take to crack your password? You might be surprised by the speed. Or rather scares.
  3. https://bitwarden.com/
    No one enjoys remembering or coming up with strong passwords. That's why keychains exist.
  4. https://www.virustotal.com/
    Is the link or file safe? Find out here. Just be careful, it's still a free online service, so don't upload sensitive data, company presentations and the like.
  5. Turning on the second factor, any!
    Better some other factor than none. Turn on SMS, like when paying in a bank, or even better, use an app (Google authenticator or Microsoft authenticator). It is standard in the bank, many services and social networks already live with it as well. You just need to turn it on in the settings.

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