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My Facebook Account Has Been Stolen - Now What?

Did someone steal your Facebook account? Unfortunately, you are not alone. How to prevent such a situation and how to solve it if it is already too late for prevention? You can find the procedure and instructions in the article.

Digital Detox: How to Unplug and Find Balance

Being online all the time has a negative impact on our health. How to get out of it? A digital detox will help as a temporary or complete disconnection from digital technologies.

How to set up your mobile and take control

We all have mobile phones - adults and children alike. But can we properly set it up so that it serves us and not us him? How to control mobile phone usage? Instructions here.

Take a break between video calls

In general, long video calls can cause fatigue and stress because our brains have to work harder during a call than if we were meeting face-to-face.

What a cyber attack looks like in 2023

What does a cyber attack look like in 2023? I recommend looking and letting the people around you. Sure, you would see through it, but most of your loved ones wouldn't.

How to disconnect for a while at Christmas

Christmas is here. It is best to spend them with those closest to you, in peace and at ease. How to do it and how to disconnect at Christmas? You can find tips in the article.