Experience with Apple Vision Pro

So I had the Apple Vision Pro on my head. In one sentence: They are really immersive. And a lot of it. If they become commercially available, here we are Ready Player One world. It's so good it's not pretty from a digi balance point of view! 🙂

Specifically, I tried:

  • I was in the recording studio with Alicia Keys and her band (that was the biggest hit)
  • meditation in the mindfulness application on the shore of the lake with the sound of light rain
  • office tools – calendar, browser, email, etc.
  • I watched Avatar in a private imax
  • I was a meter away from a baby rhino in a rescue station in Africa
  • I watched a Grizzly in Alaska from a few steps away
  • a shark and some dinosaur tried to eat me

All real as a pig. You really feel like you are there. On the other hand, after half an hour I got out of it, I had a bit of a headache, I was so dizzy and it's hard on the head. For those reasons, I can't imagine being in it for half a day and working. I don't think it's up to that yet. 30 minutes was enough. I tried it the next day with a hangover and with a similar result.

Try them too

If someone flew to the US, you can book a demo for 30 min. Free and as many times as you want. Eventual here. If you enjoy technology, I recommend it.

Comparison with Meta Quest 3

For comparison, I immediately took a demo of Meta Quest 3. They are several times cheaper, and the experience corresponded to that:

  • AR cannot be compared. With Apple Vision Pro, your surroundings seem real. With Quest, you can see that you are not looking at the real world around you. It looks more like a cheap game.
  • Method of presentation: The guy was trying to sell me this and at the same time get rid of me as soon as possible. At Apple it was: "hey, if you want, we'll send you your size to your email if you ever want to buy them. You don't have to undergo a 3D facial scan again.”
  • I ran out of metas during the demo, so we had to end it early.
  • Apple on 5th Avenue vs. booth at Best buy (local Datart)

Video review

I was just touching it. There are other dudes here for proper reviews. If you are interested in more, I recommend this one from Petr Mára:

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