Trends in IT training topics

It is very interesting how quickly the demand for technology training topics changes over time.

While in 2021 things were solved mainly around the use of MS Teams or agility, now (January 2022)

(1) effective use of digi tools and (2) the art of not letting them get over your head.

Top 5 topics from my point of view:

1. Digital Wellbeing – How to stay digital and be able to disconnect

  • The principles of digital balance in practice and the art of disconnecting
  • The impact of the online world on our real lives
  • Understanding how online works and why it's hard to break away from it
  • Tips and tricks for finding and maintaining an online/offline balance

2. Basics of IT security

  • Basic concepts and techniques of Internet and IT security
  • Understanding why security is important
  • The issue of passwords and digital identity
  • Examples of the most common attacks and defenses against them
  • Examples of how our activity is tracked on the Internet and what to do with it

3. Digital productivity and tools

  • Examples of different approaches to productivity, especially GTD and ZTD
  • Pomodoro, Zero Inbox, Pareto Rule and more
  • Technology and tools to make life easier
  • Techniques, tips and tricks to work better with tasks and emails
  • Techniques and routines to work with your attention and concentration

4. Online leadership and remote team management

  • How to be a good leader, keep your team and not burn out yourself
  • How to maintain a healthy atmosphere and teamwork online
  • How to maintain virtual team performance
  • How to remote management and effective communication with colleagues
  • Specific tips, tricks, stories and examples from practice

5. Digital pitfalls for parents

  • Understanding the digital world of children and the basics of online safety
  • The functioning of social networks, their principles and which children use
  • How to educate in the online age and how to keep up with children
  • Understanding the principles of the online world and the emergence of digital addiction
  • Concrete and practical examples of what to watch out for