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When NOT to use a cell phone

Blue light from electronic devices can affect our sleep. You can find out how and when to filter this light or avoid it completely in the article.

Digital Detox: How to Unplug and Find Balance

Being online all the time has a negative impact on our health. How to get out of it? A digital detox will help as a temporary or complete disconnection from digital technologies.

Take a break between video calls

In general, long video calls can cause fatigue and stress because our brains have to work harder during a call than if we were meeting face-to-face.

How to disconnect for a while at Christmas

Christmas is here. It is best to spend them with those closest to you, in peace and at ease. How to do it and how to disconnect at Christmas? You can find tips in the article.

What about the technology addiction?

What about the technology addiction? There is no clear definition yet. Having a phone in your hand is not a problem. The problem is its overuse. The risk level is about 4 hours a day or more. Such behavior can have negative effects on a person and his surroundings.

Interview for Top Vision

If you haven't read Top Vision Magazine yet and are interested in the topic of digital balance, "turn" to page 36. There you will find an interview with an expert 🙂

How not to lose your sanity?

How not to lose your mind in the current situation?
1. Information in reasonable measure
2. Stay calm
3. Don't be paralyzed by fear
4. Remember to keep living your life
5. Be prepared