What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

Artificial Intelligence, which will create a presentation, write a term paper, solve a word problem or generate complex code for you. This and much more is hidden behind ChatGPT from OpenAI. Are you interested in how to use this revolutionary technology and what to watch out for?

How does ChatGPT work and what is it for?

It was launched in November 2022 and within the first five days it gained 1 million users. ChatGPT is artificial intelligence technology by OpenAI, which uses state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms to generate meaningful text. This technology is intended for automating conversations and generating text responses to various questions and tasks.

When a user interacts with the ChatGPT application, the model based on the input text will generate the full response. So you no longer have to click through the countless information that a normal browser offered you. ChatGPT will extract the complete information you are looking for. And even in dozens of languages.

One of the key advantages of ChatGPT is its ability to handle complex language including puns, jokes and figurative language, making it an ideal solution for conversational AI applications.

How to use ChatGPT services

  1. Customer support
  2. Sales and marketing to realize more sales
  3. Education, sketching a seminar paper, solving an example
  4. Searching for tutorials
  5. Create an article or blog post
  6. Finding answers to questions
  7. Presentation design
  8. Generating ideas
  9. Creating codes (python, java)
  10. Image generation
  11. Text translation
  12. Gift or holiday tip

Below are some concrete examples of how to use ChatGPT:

Anyway, try it yourself here and let me know. More in the online course here.

Alternatives to ChatGPT

There are a number of ChatGPT alternatives that offer similar capabilities and are worth considering:

  • Google Bard: Google Bard is an experimental AI conversational service. Bard is powered by a lightweight version of Google's own next-generation language and conversation model.
  • Microsoft Bing: Microsoft recently invested $10 billion into OpenAI and plans to make the most of ChatGPT. For example, the MS Bing search engine is powered by an improved ChatGPT model.
  • Chatsonic: Chatsonic is one of the newest and fairly extensive alternatives to ChatGPT. In addition to providing conversational responses, it can also generate images.
  • Jasper Chat: Unlike ChatGPT, which can be used effectively by anyone, JasperChat was created for advertising and marketing.
  • Character AI: Character differs by allowing users to choose from a variety of personalities instead of interacting with a single AI chatbot.
  • Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT powered assistant: Virtual assistant in the Chrome browser.
  • ChatGPT Writer: A free Chrome extension to generate entire emails and messages using ChatGPT AI.
  • ChatGPT Prompt Genius: A free Chrome browser extension that uses ChatGPT to create and save prompts.
  • YouTube Summary: Another free Chrome extension that gives you quick access to a summary of YouTube videos you've watched using OpenAI's ChatGPT AI technology.
  • AIPRM: with ChatGPT: A quick and easy way to improve your website's search engine optimization, marketing, sales and support.
  • DALL·E 2: Is a new artificial intelligence system that can create realistic images and art from natural language description.
  • DeepL Translator: The world's most accurate translator using artificial intelligence.
  • Microsoft Designer: Microsoft Designer is a tool that you can use to create presentations, invitations, banners or social media posts.
  • GPT3 features:  Can be used in Excel or Google Sheet.

Benefits of using ChatGPT

  • It is easy to use, even for those with no technical experience.
  • It allows you to focus on strategic activities and does the simple activities that take up the most time for you.
  • An affordable writing assistant, the first version is free (at least for now).
  • A fun tool for writers who want to increase their creativity and try new ideas.
  • It helps users generate new content and ideas, making it a useful tool for overcoming writer's block and blank pages.

What to watch out for

  • ChatGPT is not perfect and can make mistakes in its designs and fixes, so it's important to review them for accuracy.
  • The free version is no longer so easily available due to capacity overload. In February 2023, a paid version of ChatGPT Plus was launched.
  • It cannot completely replace human writers and will require some human supervision.
  • Message limit of 500 words, which limits the generation of text at once.
  • ChatGPT is capable of writing phishing emails and malware and could pose a huge cybersecurity risk

To think about the conclusion

ChatGPT is a hotly debated topic in international companies, educational institutions and among technology giants. It's great to have a helper to do the research for us or find answers to questions. It will be important to be aware of that even the robot makes mistakes and therefore constructive and critical thinking will play a major role in recognizing an error or misinformation in time. And most importantly, let's not let modern technology get over our heads.

"Artificial intelligence won't take your job, but maybe someone who can handle it will."