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Invitation to the Behave Your Prints seminar

Together with the European Development Agency, we are organizing the Behave Your Prints seminar on: Digital citizenship, responsible use of digital tools and the digital footprint

The project management video course is out!

The project management video course is out. You will learn how to start, manage and terminate a project, what awaits you in practice and the difference between classic waterfall and agility.

Cyber security course 19.5. in Prague

Come to the cyber security course on 19.5. You will see, for example, how our activity on social networks can be abused and we will encrypt your computer with malware. You will not regret.

Invitation to a seminar in České Budějovice

On Tuesday 22.2. there will be an opportunity to meet at a seminar for the public in České Budějovice. The topic will be digital productivity and tools. We start at 9 a.m., expected end

Invitation to the webinar on February 8 at 6 p.m

On Tuesday 8.2. in the evening there will be an (online) opportunity to meet on a webinar for the public. Topic: Digital Wellbeing - How to stay digital and be able to disconnect. We're getting started

Stop by the Digital Safari

Another Digital Safari from the Digiskills kitchen and the topic of digital wellbeing. That's what you want... 21/09/2021 15:00 - 16:00 Come for a load of tips and tricks,

Consultations via Edufy start

You need advice, to discuss something or simply help in the areas of mindset | productivity | business | technology? You can find the solution here - https://www.edufy.cz/ I am

Disconnects are startups

It took a while, but Disconnects have been out for a while now. The goal is a community of people who are looking for their digital balance, want to stay digital and know how