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Who Is Lukas Barda?

The offline agile coach, IT guy and lecturer.

I work with the impact of information technology on our lifestyle. I am looking for a balance between online and offline, freedom, peace, contentment and meaning.

I focus mainly on education, training, consultation and helping to implement the principles of digital balance and agility into practice.

We can meet for example at the Naučmese course, as a part of training through TopVision,, in Pracovna cowork in Žižkov or in your company, in Czech or English.


Classical training is not the only one education option. Nowadays, more informal forms are very popular – such as themed breakfasts, mini-conferences, evening events with beer or various forms of online education. I tailor all events to make sense to me and the participants. We are different, we have different attitudes, expectations and needs. There is no universal solution! I care about overlap and added value.

My primary topic is offline / digi addiction / digi detox. I help people to use technology effectively, not to be addicted on it, to be more productive, more offline and relaxed in our online time. And also not to go crazy from the pressure on performance.

Other topics are agile, value leadership, project management and IT basics for business and communication skills for IT people.

Many companies have troubles with their IT. IT guys are not very skilled n communication with the outside world. People outside IT are afraid of the IT world. Yet IT is everywhere and can not be avoided. But all this can be solved by a small non-violent education.

My Topics



Where is the obsession to be online 24/7 come from? Did you know that many of us live our parallel online lives? And that 80% of us go to bed and get up with the phone? It’s addictive? How to get rid of this addiction or prevent it? We will find answers together. And there will be much more…

The course is not about how to turn off notifications and that we have to get rid of phones completely. The goal is to be able to use the phone in the way that we control it and not it controls us.

My goal is an overlap that makes you pause for a moment and think about your own story. And also to inspire you to make changes that will improve your life.


Technology dependence and addiction, information technology impact on our real lives and our satisfaction, Digidetox, pressure on performance, life balance and peace of mind


– Understanding the principles of today’s technology and why they are so addictive
– Motivation and inspiration to be more offline
– Understanding how more offline will help you in your life
– Tips and tricks to be more offline


– You feel the pressure on performance and the requirement to be available at all times
– You want to understand why and what you can do about it
– You want to concentrate better and have more time for important things in your life


In 2012, 40% of teenagers had a mobile phone. In 2016 it was already 90% of them. In the recent questionaire 70% of children wanted more attention from their parents. What do you do if your kids require your attention? Will you give them a phone, turn on the TV, or start doing some activity with them together?
Many of us use a phone in this situation – a simple and immediate solution that costs us a minimum of energy. But what if it takes its toll somewhere else? Come to discuss about our children, where the digi addiction comes from, when to give them a phone, how to educate them in the online time, what can help you for beter parenting and what we should avoid.


Technology dependence, its impact on our lives and our satisfaction, what Facebook and others know about us and our children, online attractions, parenting in our online age


– Understanding of the online age principles, why it is so addictive and its impact on our lives
– An overview of online attractions for our children
– Motivation and inspiration to be more offline with your kids
– Tips and tricks to be more offline
– Tips and tricks to reduce and prevent your children ‘s addiction


– Your kids feel uncomfortable when they do not have a phone with them for a while
– Your kids knew how to connect to a wifi earlier than they learned to read and write
– Social networks are their frequent connection with the world
– You want to understand why and what you can do about it
– You want to give your children more than just a phone


Are you busy and tasks roll on you from left to right? Are you looking for ways

– how to figure out what is important and what is not?
– how to prioritize?
– how do you plan your work by energy?
– how not to go crazy? 

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, the course will benefit you.

At work, a distraction comes on average every 11 minutes. Full concentration returns after about 20 minutes. An email at work remains unread on average for only 6 seconds. Imagine the impact on our attention and productivity. We will discuss what options we have, what is crucial for productivity and time management, we will talk about deep work, use of habits and why to tackle any productivity at all. An integral part of the course is how to protect your attention and how to work with neverending disturbtion. We will also talk about the most common pitfalls and why we often do not keep a personal productivity system in practice in the long term.


Technology dependency, its impact on our lives and our satisfaction, Digidetox, pressure on performance, balance in life and peace of mind


– Understanding the impact of constant online on our work and performance
– Techniques to work with your attention and concentration
– Tips and tricks on how to work effectively with constant interruption and many communication channels
– Tips and tricks to better work with tasks and emails
– Tips and tricks on how to concentrate
– Tips and tricks on having more time for important things and people in your life


– You feel the pressure on performance and the requirement to be available at all times
– You want to understand where these come from and what we can do about it
– You want to be able to focus on important tasks


Do not be afraid to cross the communication gap. Yes, real communication is demanding. Yes, it is sometimes unpleasant. But it’s worth it. While real communication is often replaced by displays and applications, we can’t do without it in our real life. 30% of us said in a recent Apple questionnaire that they felt their communication skills were deteriorating. Communication is a skill. Like other skills, we need to practice it. Come and discuss about it together.


Dependence on technology, its impact on our lives and our satisfaction, what influences our communication, what we fear most in communication, empathy and understanding of each other


– Understanding of what is key to successful and effective communication at work and in your private life
– Understanding and examples of the most often crashes in our communication
– Understanding of our attitudes and motivations in our communication
– Tips and tricks on how to communicate better and more effective


– You want to be able to communicate better with the outside world at work as well as in your private life
– You like communication and want to learn more about it


A COURSE: Agile in the real world

Agile management methods are now widely implemented in various industries and sizes. Its goal is often to work more efficiently, respond faster to environmental changes and decrease operating costs. What does it means really in practice and what does it offer? We will look at key principles, methodology and use examples from the real world. We’ll find together what has benefit you specifically. 


Agile principles, Kanban and Scrum methodologies, implementation and stabilization of agility, benefits of agile management methods, comparision of agile and classical non-agile approach to management, usual obstacles in practice


– Understanding of agile principles and methodologies, examples from practice (including classical project management comparision)
– Finding the added value of agility for your case
– Instructions and tips on how to implement agile into practice and what to expect

The course is intended for:

– You want to understand agile and see its magic on examples from the real world
– You want to implement agile or “join” it to the current state

My Life

I believe in:

Positive and active attitude, belief in my own ability. I believe that when I want something, I can do it. But of course, the gain is not automatic. My success is my own responsibility. And only sky is the limit and only I set limits for myself.

The world is a great place! You just need to look around and want to see it.

Karma (I’m not saying it to myself, but I do not think of any better name). I do not know if they are behind the energy, the universe or the martians, but there is some balance in the world. Do what you expect from your life first. I cannot expect positivity and only good things happening to me when I behave like an asshole.

Now and here’s what’s the moment. How many people are constantly looking at smartphones? Sure, I’ll look at it too, but I’m trying to concentrate on the place, the people I’m with. You do not believe? Try to call me or ask my closest to their experience with my immediate availability. :) I do not have Facebook on my phone, I have a permanently off ringing and I’m happy.

Minimalism aka Less is better. What to add. I’d rather have a head full of experiences than an apartment full of things.

Getting out of the comfort zone and traveling is what gives me the necessary outlook and insight into life. Getting into the Vltava river in October was a very unusual experience. The traveling is full of experiences itself.

Food, movement and regeneration is the foundation! Do you eat in fast food and you almost dont move? Then it does not wonder that the body does not work the way it is. Do you sleep well? Not really? This means that you do not let your brain rest sufficiently and regenerate.

Returning energy and supporting others. In the sense: If I expect good, I should do it first. I have such a theory. Within thirty years, I’ve taken most of my life from others. Advice, energy, opinions, from parents, friends, colleagues. Now I’m trying to turn around and give more back.

I also enjoy the support of Non-Profits Good Angel (, Lunch for Children ( and Post Bellum (, Movember and various other collections after natural disasters. And by the way, something can be sent to Motol hospital as well ( I did not know before. A few hundreds will definitely not kill me, and it can help somewhere else.


My other great topics are freedom at work and in life as well and digital nomadism. I appreciate my bosses, who have never tied me up and left me independent. I’m not stupid enough to exploit the trust and so I can combine life, fun and work, or go for a month to work remotely from Bali (to surf and work). Or to infiltrate freelancers without knowing that I am a mouse from a corporation. :)

People who have influenced me? Well, everybody I have met before! :) Some more, some less, some positive, some less. But I have really enjoyed these interactions.

My passion is personal development. Learning Courses ( in Czech or global are just great, as well as Creative mornings ( These are many more resources – through articles on Forbes, to various videos and articles. This relates to the passion in psychology – mainly in positive intelligence, motivation, interaction between people and mindfulness.

Shares and passive income are also things I love. I decided that when I was 45, I would have a passive income such that I would not be dependent on work. Look at this webpage in around 15 years how successfully I fulfill this goal!

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