Offline and happy


how to use your mobile phone in smart way so you have control over it and not vice versa

Why Offline and Happy and what does it mean

Why do we have the obsession to be online 24/7? Do you know that many of us live in their parallel online world? And that 80% of us go to sleep and getting up with our smartphones. It is addictive. How to get rid of this addiction or prevent it? Let´s find answers together in my Offline and Happy course. And much more…

I share as many own experiences and tips as possible and explain what has worked for me and what not. We will be talking about gratitude, minimalism, comfort zone and self-awareness – key terms for finding happiness in today’s online age.

The aim of this session is NOT how to switch off notifications and get rid of your mobile phone completely. It IS about how to use your mobile phone in smart way so you have control over it and not vice versa.

My personal goal is an overlapping course to motivate you to stop for a moment and think about your own story – and also inspire you to change some of your habits to improve quality of your life.

Key takeaways from Offline and Happy

– understanding of today’s technology key principles and why it is so addictive

– motivation and inspiration why to be more offline

– understanding of how can more offline improve your life

– tips and tricks how to be more offline

Are you interested in how can more Offline help you at work?

Did you know that we break our work every 11 minutes. Full concentration returns after more than 20 minutes. An email at work remains unread in average only for 6 seconds. By the way do you remember when you were really bored for the last time? Can you imagine the impact on our brains, coexistence with others, our attention and productivity?

Therefore we will learn how to:

– control our attention and keep our focus

– understand what is important and what is not

– understand the impact of continuous online on our work and performance

– work with neverending distraction

– work with multiple communication channels effectively

– use technology for our own benefit

Who is Lukas Barda

I enjoy life, interaction with other people and exploring new things. I look for freedom, calm, happiness and purpose. I constantly search for options how to live my life in better way and how to keep my balance.

After years of addiction on “being online” I have found my own way how to get rid of it. I changed some of my habits but only after one serious situation in my life, I have finally realized the meaning of many things. In Offline and happy sessions, I share my story and unique experience and give some inspiration.

In terms of my work experience, I have gathered some during years at Accenture and Ceska sporitelna, in various roles and situations: started as an IT junior, later delivering solutions in the classical way as a waterfall project manager and in the “more cool“ agile way as an agile coach / scrum master. I was working on solutions as an IT architect in the delivery phase as well as in the sales phase. Including working with people – both locally and remotely.

Usual formats

short session

– takes approx. 1 – 1,5h

– happens during the day or in the evening

– interactive presentation with discussion

– key takeaways from Offline and Happy content

half day session

– takes approx. 3 – 3,5h

– happens during the day or in the evening

– interactive presentation with discussion

– full Offline and Happy content

full day session

– takes approx. 7 – 7,5h (including the lunch break)

– interactive presentation with discussion + exercises for participants

– full Offline and Happy content + more related topics

Usual formats may not meet your needs. Or you might want your own format. Not a problem, let´s discuss details.

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Participants say

The course was so inspirational that I felt a freezing on my skin. If I took away at least half of things Lukas said, I will be most happy.

Jan Jarčík

Personally – a developmental ride. Everyone can find something in this course, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced at work with yourself, you can arrive and you will not be disappointed. I was inspired by Lukas’s story and his approach to life.

Linda Nezhybová

The course gave me what I expected :) It helped me to be better aware of what actually drives me to go online. It kicks me on the things I’ve been thinking about longer! It’s such a nice chat with the structure and inspiring story of the lecturer. I recommend everyone who likes the introductory photo of the course! :))

Luboš Konečný

The course gave me a lot of tips to improve my life in the sense of being more offline and still having a feeling of satisfaction and being at the very essence of what is happening :-) Thank you!

Daniela Majtnerová

As Lukas says, “You will either change the world, or the world will change you.” His workshop is super inspirational and underlined by a strong personal story. He showed me a lot of interesting things and I believe he will help me to change for the better. Thanks

Juraj Garaj (Toastmasters Club Česká spořitelna)

Let´s meet on my public course via Naucmese

The future is bright!

I have more plans in the real as well as digital world. But I have only limited capacity and everything has its time yet.

If you’re interested in more details or would want to work on something together, please dont hesitate to contact me. 

Quick contacts are +420 725 492 808 or