I use this blog to share. To share my thoughts and what interests me.

I’m starting to have a little chaos in all Pocket (https://getpocket.com), Playlists on YouTube, emails “to read later”, and various notes in Keep (keep.google.com). If there is something interesting and I want to find it again, sometimes it’s quite a challenge. Here it should be all in one place.

For me and for you. My content might interest or give something to someone else as well.

Time to time, I also look here because of such a mini self-reflection – to see what Lukas Barda was in the course of time. It is quite fun.

I am not very good in regular writing to be honest, so let’s see how it goes. For this reason, the contributions are mainly short. Quickly write, quickly read and done.

705, 2018

Why to quit social media?

What the benefits of quitting social media would be? Why to consider this and how social media impacts our lives? Is it even possible?

All answers […]